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Our mission is to provide the best software solution for the petroleum hauler and their supporting Petroleum distribution partners.


To provide the small and medium carriers with the most advanced and easy to use technology for efficiencies and information to compete in their markets.


We strive to offer the best 24/7 personalized support in our industry. Our growth model has, and will remain, orderly and controlled which will allow us to provide focused support and success for our company, our associates and ultimately our customers.

Our Story

Creative Energies was established in 1989, by Howard Ehrlich, to supply IT consulting and programming services for the petroleum distribution industry. Specifically taking advantage of his technical expertise, operations management, and petroleum distribution experience.


Initial efforts were consulting and developing various custom applications built for fuel and oil distribution and maintenance. In 2000, the Total Dispatch system project began as a custom application for a New

York/New Jersey fuel carrier with 10 trucks. That carrier used the application to grow the business to slightly over 100 power units in 6 years.

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