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Our Software runs at over 70 Carriers in 40+ states with anywhere between 3 and 200 transports

Dispatch, Inventory


Billing Automation

for the

Petroleum Carrier

 Creative Energies Total Dispatch is the ONLY dispatch and billing system built specifically for petroleum carriers.  With over 25 years of integrated knowledge and enhancements, it remains an economical solution to allow you to provide the services your customers are demanding.

On-line demonstrations of our Dispatch, Billing, Inventory and Mobile application are readily available. Call us to set up an  hour discussion so you can see first hand why our nationwide account base is so pleased with our system. 

About Us?

Established in 1989 by Howard Ehrlich, Creative Energies has been supplying dispatch and billing consulting and applications to petroleum carriers, wholesalers, and suppliers across the nation.


Given our longevity in technology and in Petroleum distribution, "if it has happened, chances are we have solved it"

We pride ourselves as a family owned and operated business, very similar to many of our customers.

about us

Tel:  603-249-5555

Our Team


Tel:  603-249-5555


Total Dispatch

  • Effortless and accurate order entry

  • Straightforward and easily understood traditional petroleum dispatch board.

  • Customized, flexible, easy to use billing platform including: automatic calculations for split loads, two terminal loads, rate tables, minimum gallons add on charges, insurance charges, date driven surcharges...and more.

  • Our CE CONNECT! Mobile app links drivers and dispatchers.  Collecting loading times, terminal BOLs and even document imaging.

  • Web based portal for your customers to view, search and download Bill of Ladings, Invoices, and load statuses in real-time.

  • Quick Up and Running, easy and no additional development or implementation staff is needed

  • Cloud based, very low investment IT architecture.  

Additional Features:

  • EDI (Electronic Billing and Interfaces) which many of your Customers are requesting. Includes multiple Imports, Exports to and from Back Office systems,

  • Transporter State Reporting, Wholesalers/Distributors.

  • Document Scanning and archiving

  • Fully integrated Inventory Management (automatic orders)

  • Robust Driver HR and Payroll System

  • Extensive Management Reporting with key metrics to run your business.

  • Cloud based infrastructure with very low investment

Our Customers

are saying great things

"I have used other systems, and I cannot believe how EASY your dispatch software is to understand and use" - Eric, Virginia

"I cannot believe how quickly, you guys implemented, Usually new systems are difficult to get used to and get going. Not this one! Our team was up and running in a month!" - Chris, Georgia

"The billing has saved me a full day a week, if not more, compared to how we used to do it" - Brent, Kentucky

"Your new (mobile) app is so easy, a 3rd grader could get it right." - anonymous, Northern California

"Those features you have in the Inventory...projecting and creating loads.. just awesome!" - John, Massachusetts

"You guys are always available and always responsive to our business needs. Matt, do you think someone is going to pick the phone up at 10:30PM on a Sunday...then respond the way you guys do...oh, and with a solution the next day?" - Scot, New York

Case Studies


Creative Energies

Contact us today for a discussion so we can start to provide you with the value that all of our customers are getting.


Creative Energies LLC
PO Box 3426

Apollo Beach FL 33572
Tel: 603-249-5555

For any general inquiries or to request a demo, please fill in the following contact form:

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